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Cary Williams Set To Visit The Jets

The Philadelphia Eagles cut ties with the 8 year veteran and the Jets are interested

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets have been concentrating on the defensive line this week, but the need to upgrade the cornerback position is obvious. It has been confirmed that Cary Williams is set to visit the Jets following his trip to Seattle.

Cary Williams was set to count $8 million against the Eagles cap in 2015, the salary didn't match the production and as a result, he was cut free.

Williams started every single game for the Eagles in 2013 and 2014, but the secondary was horrendous for Philadelphia last year, ultimately costing them a chance at the post-season.

In 2014 Williams recorded 59 tackles, 9 pass defenses and 2 interceptions while playing over 1,000 snaps. He was responsible for 5 touchdowns. Was it a case of the Eagles defense not matching his skill-set? Or is he just in the twilight period of his career. The truth is he wasn't great in Baltimore either.

Personally I think there are far better options out there.