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Bears Exploring Trade for Brandon Marshall, Interested?

The Jets need a legitimate #1 wide receiver, it sounds as though the Bears want to move one.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets have wanted a true #1 wide receiver for a number of years, they have an excellent #2 in Eric Decker and a good #3 slot guy in Jeremy Kerley, but that true game-changer still eludes them.

The Chicago Bears have been non-committal on Brandon Marshall all off-season and now it seems they are actively looking to trade him.

Free agency starts on March 10th, however it's March 12th that you need to consider, that's the day that Marshall's $7.5 million salary becomes fully guaranteed. The Bears acquired Marshall for two 3rd round draft picks in 2012, but with his salary and the fact he's turning 31, it's likely you could get him for significantly less.

The problem with Marshall, he's a little bit of a problem child. He openly criticizes his team-mates, take Jay Cutler and Robbie Gould as perfect examples from last year. He has been arrested several times through his college career and his NFL career and he is as likely to blow up off the field as he is on.

However the talent is obvious for all to see. He is a 5 time pro-bowler, has been a 1,000+ yard receiver in 7 of his 9 NFL seasons and has brought in 8,12 and 11 touchdowns in his last three years. He's a big strong target who knows how to use his body. He does have concentration lapses and in 2013 he was credited with dropping 15 passes, which is a significant amount in a single season. However you can't ignore the fact that he's caught 100+ balls in 5 of his 9 seasons.

Marshall worries me and my personal preference is to not even consider this trade due to the amount of money we're investing in a player who could blow up, his age worries me, although he probably has a good 2-3 years left in him.

What do you think Jets fans, interested in Brandon?