AGOP: Going Bananas

This offseason is an offseason like no other. Lots of cap space, lots of team needs. There are so many ways to deal with this. I’ll explain all my moves as I "make" them in the timeline. Hold on, it’ll be a long ride (read).


The first section is to get rid of all those players not still worth their contracts because the Jets obviously don’t have enough cap space yet.

Percy Harvin

Let’s start out with the biggest decision. First, I’d like to say I really love the value Percy Harvin has for a team and I think he is a valuable weapon. But for 10.5 million, he needs to be better than he’s ever been and likely ever will be. We can, and will, do better.

Jeff Cumberland

1.9 million isn't a whole lot but Cumberland doesn't provide us much value. I believe the Jets can sign a better player or an equal back-up to Amaro who should be able to improve on a solid rookie season.

Chris Johnson

Technically, this move has already been made and I’m not sure people have many disagreements. He didn't bring any of the speed we hoped for. It was a solid chance but it failed, so we move on.

Calvin Pace

For 2 million, we can sign a younger, more productive player. His veteran presence was helpful but I’d rather put some talent into this new Bowles defense.

Jason Babin

He wasn’t bad and this was the closest call for me. I like enough of the players in free agency at this position so I decided against keeping him.

Jets Cap Space: $68,484,474

Re-Signing Period

Jaiquawn Jarret: Original Round Tender: 1,539,000

Bilal Powell: 1 year for 1,800,000

Tanner Purdum: 1 year for 745,000

Dawan Landry: 1 year for 1,500,000

Leger Douzable: 1 year for 1,000,000

Greg Salas: 1 year for 745,000

Most of these players are pretty unspectacular but let me quickly overview. Jarret, Landry, Powell, Douzable provide depth at positions and should compete for some starting time. Salas will compete for a roster spot and Purdum is a long snapper and I’ve heard we need one of those.

Damon Harrison: Second Round Tender

I put Damon Harrison separate because I put a second round tender on him and I believe, and for the purposes of this contest, he gets signed away and we gain a second round pick. The San Diego Chargers need a NT. They were 26th in running yards per game and T-27th for average run against. Comparatively, the Chargers passing defense was 4th in the league. Harrison would fill a big need right away. From the Jets perspective, with the Wilkerson extension and Richardson needing a big payday soon, a lot of money is already going into the defensive line position.

Wilkerson Extension

Since this is such a huge contract, I’ll fully put it out. 5 year extension worth 64,219,000 with 21,969,000 guaranteed.

Signing Bonus



Base Salary



Cap Number































Wilkerson should be rewarded for his high level of play and should be nowhere near an open market. Signing the deal this year helps with the floor as it adds the signing bonus while barely increasing the cap number for this year.

Jets Cap Space: $60,460,474

Free Agency:


Brian Hoyer: 2 years for $8,000,000 2015 Cap Hit: 3,500,000

After looking, the only other option I like is Ryan Mallet. I like Mallet’s potential best, but it’s not enough for me to gamble on as I think it’s much more likely to find a franchise quarterback in the draft. Otherwise, Hoyer has shown he can keep a team like the Browns in playoff contention despite having nearly no talent on offense. He has shown to be a professional when competing for a starting job and that’s what he’ll do here.


CJ Spiller: 4 years for 24,500,000 (8 Million Guarantee) 2015 Cap Hit: 5,500,000

Spiller adds the explosive home run threat that the Jets lost in cutting Harvin but for almost half the price. Gailey knew how to utilize Spiller before and if he can be the same player he was when Gailey last coached him, the Jets will have one of the best 1-2 punches at running back in the game.


Mike Wallace: 1 year for 6,000,000 2015 Cap Hit: 6,000,000

Mike Wallace technically isn’t a free agent yet. However, due to his huge contract, Miami is trying to trade him and when no one takes his huge contract, will cut him. Fresh off 10 touchdowns all while his QB couldn’t hit him on most deep plays; he is playing well enough to sign. His speed will compliment Decker’s route running/possession receiver role and make the team much more complete. Similarly, I considered Torrey Smith but he will be more expensive as he carries less baggage than Wallace. Wallace signs a prove-it deal to show he has more talent than baggage and deserves a bigger contract next year.


Jordan Cameron: 3 years for 22,500,000 (1.5 M Guarantee) 2015 Cap Hit: 6,500,000

Jordan Cameron’s price could come down due to all the attention Julius Thomas will be getting. While Julius is the better player, I don’t think it’s by much. Held back by concussions this year (which is a concern) he still has potential to be even better. As a young tight end, our offense with him and Amaro could be very dangerous. Cameron also helps the Jets struggles in the red zone with his huge frame.


Mike Iupati: 4 years for 31,500,000 (17 M Guarantee) 2015 Cap Hit: 7,500,000

Orlando Franklin: 3 years for 14,000,000 (7.5 M Guarantee) 2015 Cap Hit: 6,000,000

Do you remember the Jets signing Damien Woody and Alan Faneca and solidifying the Jet’s offensive line? That’s the plan here. Sign two of the best offensive lineup to go with a dominate center and sometimes good, sometimes meh left tackle. This launches the Jets from a bottom ten to a top ten offensive line for the next 3 years. The battle starts up front and if this was by priority rather than position, this would be my second biggest (behind a FS).


Dan Williams: 3 years for 9,000,000 (4 M Guarantee) 2015 Cap Hit: 3,000,000

Dan Williams comes from Bowles’ defense in Arizona where he excelled in the nose tackle position clogging lanes with his 320 pound body. Since, Harrison was let go for a 2nd round pick, Williams is the replacement and should do just fine filling into what should still be the strength for this team.


Colin McCarthy: 1 year for 1,500,000 2015 Cap Hit: 1,500,000

Brandon Marshall: 2 years for 5,000,000 2015 Cap Hit: 2,500,000

Sam Acho: 2 years for 3,000,000 2015 Cap Hit: 1,500,000

The linebackers desperately need some reinforcements. Colin McCarthy has the ability to make tackles and be agile in coverage, something the Jets need. He has had injury problems which is why he can be had on such a small cap hit on a one year prove it deal. Similarly, Brandon Marshall is a versatile linebacker who has shown a little bit of ability to stop the run, rush the passer, and drop back into coverage. Again, the Jets desperately need linebackers who can cover so Marshall fits the bill here. Acho, another Cardinals player, adds depth to the linebacker group and can play on passing downs as a pass rusher with good upside.


Antonio Cromartie: 2 years for 7,000,000 (fully guaranteed) Cap Hit: 3,500,000

Walter Thurmond: 1 year for 3,000,000 Cap Hit: 3,000,000

The secondary is in desperate need of help last year. Cromartie played well last year and has spoken about a desire to return to New York and also enjoyed Bowles’ scheme so he is a great fit. Thurmond had his try-out away from Seattle cut short by injury so we grant him the opportunity to try again without having to move again. Thurmond looked as good as Maxwell did for Seattle.


Rahim Moore: 5 years for 46,000,000 (30 M guarantee) Cap Hit: 7,500,000

Rahim Moore is the deep safety the Jets have been waiting for. The Jets defense needs a playmaking deep safety. One of the reasons the Patriots are the best in the league every year is their turnover ratio. That’s what Rahim Moore brings to the table. He can make game-changing plays and he prevents game-changing plays in the other direction by stopping the deep pass. He moves Pryor up front to a position he is more comfortable with, and roam around deep waiting to make the next game-altering play.

Jets Cap Room: 12,144,686


The Jets have picks in round 1,2,2,3,4,5(,7).

For the 6th pick, the Jets trade down with the Giants (6,70 for 9,40) so the Giants can select Dante Fowler. The Giants need a push rusher and aren’t going to wait for the Bears and Falcons who also need pass rushers to see if there’s one still yet. After Jameis Winston goes off the board number one, the Jets opt to trade back to gain more pieces.

Round 1, Pick 9: Jets Select Kevin White, WR, West Virginia

The Jets draft a beast of a wide receiver with their first pick. Wallace adds lots of value but he is signed for a one year deal that will likely lead to a big contract elsewhere. Kevin White is the long term answer next to Eric Decker. And what a great answer he is. Kevin White goes and gets the ball. He is big, fast, and all around athletic.

Round 2, Pick 37: Eric Kendricks, ILB, UCLA

Similar to White, Kendricks comes in not needing to provide the answer right away with McCarthy and Marshall providing a window to grow. Kendricks can also complement Davis with his abilities in coverage.

Round 2, Pick 40: T.J. Clemmings, OT, Pittsburgh

T.J. Clemmings is a relatively raw prospect (cue moans in reference to another 2nd round offensive lineman drafted by the jets who was a raw prospect) but since the Jets have three second round picks to play with, they select an offensive tackle with massive potential who can sit a year and wait for Giacomini’s contract to be cut-able and take over.

Round 2, Pick 48: Marcus Peters, CB, Washington

Marcus Peters was being talked about as the best corner in the draft before being kicked off his team midseason. This is a major concern but with Cromartie and Thurmond signed to short deals, Peters potential is too great to pass up.

Round 4, Pick 101: Gerod Holliman, FS, Louisville

Holliman’s draft stock is plummeting due to his lack of ability to tackle anything that moves. This is definitely concerning as this could prevent him from being even a back-up at the NFL level if he continues to be as bad as some people think he is. On the other hand, few other players have been compared to Ed Reed in terms of ball-hawking ability. Holliman is an interception machine and could turn into one of the best far safeties in the league. A fourth round pick is worth that risk.

Round 5, Pick 134: Eric Rowe, CB, Utah

Rowe has the ability to be a physical press-man corner. That’s enough for Bowles’ to take a chance on him and insurance in case Peters carries too much baggage.


QB: Hoyer, Smith, Simms

RB: Ivory, Spiller, Powell

FB: Bohannon

WR: Decker, Wallace, White, Kerley, Owusu, Salas, Evans

TE: Cameron, Amaro, Sudfield

OT: Ferguson, Giacomini, Clemmings

OG: Iupati, Franklin, Abousi, Dozier

C: Mangold, Freeman

DE: Wilkerson, Richardson, Douzable

DT: Williams, Barnes

OLB: Coples, Acho, Marshall

ILB: Davis, McCarthy, Kendricks

CB: Thurmond, Cromartie, Milliner, Peters, McDougle, Walls, Rowe

SS: Pryor, Jarrett, Allen

FS: Moore, Holliman

Closing: If Hoyer can keep the Browns afloat last year with no offensive weapons, let’s see what he can do with Decker, Wallace, White, Kerley, Cameron, and Amaro. Let’s bring back the glory days of our back-to-back AFC championship game runs with a similarly great offensive line but add the explosiveness that offense never had with Spiller and Wallace. For the defense, the line is as strong as ever but the linebackers have been re-done to be able to actually defend against the pass and the secondary is much stronger including a free safety that can create some turnovers. Not only that but none of the rookies NEED to step up day one but if they do, the team will be all the stronger for it.

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