AGOP: Taking The Browns (Draft Pick) To The Super Bowl!

As the reigning 2014 AGOP Champion I decided I wanted to have a little more fun with this plan. Last year I kept to a very realistic approach, this year I am pushing the boundaries to something that is less probable but still falling within the realistic restrictions placed on the competition.

Some may dislike individual moves, but when you see the final product you will see that this is a team that would not just be competitive, but would dominate opponents for several years.


1- In order to build a complete roster, you need to have all of the draft picks, so after the 5th round I have left out names and simply listed them as "Round X Pos" as they are bench warmers.

2- was used for cap numbers, Free Agency simulator was used for Free Agent pricing as well as draft picks. Standard draft pick value chart was used for draft trades.

This is a very thorough plan so sit back and enjoy the read.




Percy Harvin (+10.5 mil) He hasn't been that impressive here and I haven't seen it much in previous years.

Nick Folk (+2.65 mil) One good year does not make a Kicker who gets paid.

Curtis Brown, Mario Harvey, Chris Owusu, TJ Graham, Daryl Richardson, Zach Sudfeld, Saalim Hakim, Wesley Johnson, Walt Powell, TJ Barnes, Keith Lewis, Brent Qvale, Chris Young, Sean Hooey, Jacob Schum, Dashaun Phillips.

Post Cuts Cap - $74, 145,808



Resign/Extend - These numbers come from's Free Agency Simulator.

David Harris - 5.75M 4 years (11.5M guaranteed)

Kenrick Ellis - 3.5M 3 years (3.5M guaranteed)

Damon Harrison - RFA Tender 2nd round ($2,351,000)

Jaiquawn Jarrett - 2M 2 years

Tanner Purdum - 870k 3 years (870k guaranteed)

Keeping Harris in New York should be a priority. He not only is a solid player, but we also keep him out of Rex Ryan's hands. Damon Harrison is a great run stuffer and provides some relief for our over worked DL.

Post Resigning Cap - $59,674,808



Free Agency - As before, these numbers come from the fanspeak Free Agency Simulator.

Orlando Franklin (27) OG - 7.8M, 5 years - Great guard to put in on the right side.

Byron Maxwell (27) CB - 9.5M 5 years - Not much to justify here. Tall, rangy Corner who is one of the better in the league.

Jason Worilds (26) OLB - 9.8M 5 years - Finally, a good pass rushing OLB that can ruin a QBs day.

CJ Spiller (27) RB - 4M 3 years - Punishes you as a receiver, works well with Gailey, and is a good complement to Ivory.

Devin McCourty (27) FS - 8M 5 years - FS that can ease the burden on our corners and allow Pryor to play his more natural position.

Lance Moore (31) WR - 3M 2 years - Older stop gap player to help train up our young receiving talent.

Ndamukong Suh (28) DT - 15M 5 years, 30M guaranteed - One of the best in the game right now. Worth the hefty price when the rest of this plan is presented in full.

Adrian Clayborn (26) DE - 4M 2 years. Great addition that can be had on the cheap for our DE spot. Tore a bicep which sidelined him last year dropping his pricetag. Had 5.5 sacks the year before and he is still young.

Post Free Agency Cap - $-574,808 - Yes, that is negative cap space. Just ride the wave and it will all become clear.



And now, for the twist in the plot: The Trades.

TRADE 1 - Pick #6, Pick #37, 2016 1st round pick, and 2016 2nd round pick to Tampa Bay for Pick #1

TRADE 2 - Muhammad Wilkerson to CLE for Pick #12 (adds 6,969,000 to Cap)

Don't look at the Wilkerson trade as an individual move, it will only sadden you to lose such a great player. Instead look at what we are actually doing. Essentially we are trading Wilkerson for Ndamukong Suh AND a 1st round draft pick. If you are still saddened stay with me, once you see the final product you will feel better.

Post Trade Cap - $6,394,192 - This will cover draft picks with a bit left for mid-season needs.




#1(from TB) - Jameis Winston - QB - Many of you will hate this pick. Many of you will LOVE this pick. He knows the system, he has the physical tools, he has the just win mentality. Yes we gave up a fortune to get him but NOTHING is more valuable than a franchise QB.

#12(from CLE) - Kevin White - WR - What does a brand new franchise QB need most? A new franchise WR to drop TDs on opponents for years to come. Speed, size, hands, got to love this guy here.

#70 (3rd round) - Rob Havenstein - OT - Big man that projects to RT. Put him outside of Orlando Franklin and push Giacomini over to LG and we have one crazy good OL.

#101 (4th round, Harvin is gone) - PJ Williams - CB - Yes, we need corners bad. With Maxwell holding down #1 we get a really good competition with PJ Williams, Milliner and McDougle to fight it out for the #2 and #3 spot.

#134 - (5th round) - Matt Hoch - DE - Project player with some upside.

#198 - ILB - No name listed here since this officially only goes to 5th round, but this where we will get #53 on our 53 man roster.



Final 53 Man Roster


QB – J Winston(r), G Smith, M Simms

RB – C Ivory, CJ Spiller, T Bohanon

WR – E Decker, Kevin White(r), L Moore, J Kerley, S Evans, Q Enunwa

TE – J Amaro, J Cumberland, C Pantale

RT – Rob Havenstein (r)

RG – O Franklin, B Winters

C – N Mangold, D Freeman

LG – B Giacomini, O Aboushi, D Dozier

LT – D Ferguson


DE – S Richardson, A Clayborn, Q Coples, M Hoch (r)

DT – N Suh, D Harrison, K Ellis

OLB – J Babin, J Worilds, C Pace, I Enemkpali, T Reilly

ILB – D Harris, D Davis, ILB (r)

SS – C Pryor, R Miles

FS – D Mccourty, J Jarrett, A Allen

CB – Byron Maxwell, D Milliner, PJ Williams (r), D Mcdougle, D Walls, M Williams

Special Teams

K - Furney

P – R Quigley

LS – T Purdum



Closing: Go ahead, bask in the glory and the unlimited possibilities of this roster. They're young, they are talented, they are a force to be reckoned with. The probability may be pretty low for this to play out. But for now sit back, pour yourself a nice tall glass of Kool-Aid, maybe add a little something for good measure and dream of better days to come for Jets fans across the planet.

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