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Matt Schaub Signs With Baltimore

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Just to follow up on a story from yesterday, the Ravens signed free agent quarterback Matt Schaub. There had been talk of the Jets having interest.

It is no great surprise that Schaub did not end up with the Jets. Neither is it a disappointment. The Jets already have a veteran stopgap guy in Ryan Fitzpatrick, and he is better than Schaub at this point. Other than Schaub's ties with the Texans organization where Mike Maccagnan worked, it was difficult to figure why the Jets would even have interest.

You might remember earlier in the offseason when there were reports the Jets brought Osi Umenyiora in for a visit. It was later revealed to be just a social visit, popping in to say hello rather than a reflection of interest. I wonder whether that was also the case with Schaub.