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Jets Interested in Matt Schaub

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Schefter reports the Jets are one of the teams interested in former Falcons, Texans, and Raiders quarterback Matt Schaub.

It isn't clear how much interest exists. When it comes to the Jets, I would guess not very much. Schaub is not a fit. There was a point where he was a quality starter, but at age 33, he is in decline. His arm strength decreased two years ago, and that led to too many interceptions. Last year he could not even beat out Derek Carr for Oakland's starting job. It isn't that Carr was awful, but he did not exactly light things up either as a rookie.

There are probably only enough reps in training camp for two quarterbacks to compete for the starting role. Ryan Fitzpatrick is the low ceiling, moderate floor veteran in the mix. He is better than Schaub. I can't say I am overly confident we will see a major improvement in Geno Smith, but it is a lot more likely to see a young guy like Geno get better than it is to see a declining guy like Schaub turn back the clock.

I don't see where a spot exists.