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McShay Mocks Randy Gregory To The Jets

Todd McShay is back with his 4th mock draft of the off-season and there is a change with the Jets selection.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

It's always interesting to see the changes made to a mock draft following free agency, teams will fill needs and analysts will naturally move away from the previous selections. I think a few people will be very frustrated with this pick, but a few will really enjoy it.

Gregory has had a tough 10 days with news breaking that he failed a drugs test at the NFL combine. Now a player smoking weed isn't the end of the world, however my problem apart from thinking it's a pointless act, is that he did it knowing he was going to be tested. If you're coming up on the combine, it speaks volumes of your intelligence if you fail a drugs test, the date of the combine didn't creep up on anyone.

Saying that, Gregory is a pass rusher with a lot of natural talent and an unlimited ceiling. He was made for the 3-4 OLB rush position and it's likely he'll make an immediate impact for any team drafting him. Here are the thoughts of McShay:

Analysis: The Jets could take Kevin White in this scenario, as he'd bolster their receiving corps opposite Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker, but Gregory is a really good fit here. I don't think the recent news of his positive marijuana test is going to affect his stock all that much. He'd had positive tests in college, so it was already a known issue with him, and he's the top pure edge rusher in this class. His lean frame and inability to put on and/or keep weight is a concern, but he's a terror coming off the edge with his explosive first-step quickness and length, and he's stronger than you'd expect for someone his size. In the Jets' talented front seven, he'd be set loose at a 3-4 outside linebacker to get after the quarterback, which is his strength.

Players already off the board:

1. Jameis Winston

2. Marcus Mariota

3, Amari Cooper

4. Leonard Williams

5, Dante Fowler Jr

It would be hard to pass up Kevin White/DeVante Parker for me but I think an OLB is a logical way to go for the Jets. We have an unbelievable defensive line and we do need to get younger and more athletic in the linebacker group.

What do you think?