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Devin McCourty Set To Become A Free Agent

The New England Patriots decided to place their franchise tag on kicker Stephen Gostkowski, which means Devin McCourty is set to become a free agent in 7 days.

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

I thought the Patriots would tag Devin McCourty, he's a top safety entering the prime of his career, why wouldn't you want to keep him. In a move that surprised most people, the Patriots elected to franchise the kicker instead of their starting safety.

McCourty has stated that he wants to remain in New England, but understands there is a real possibility that he will be playing his football elsewhere in 2015:

"I really didn't know," McCourty told ESPN's Josina Anderson on Monday evening. "There was no real information from them on if it was going to be me or (Gostkowski). So I was kind of going off of what everybody else was going off, with what people were reporting as far as sources and all that. So, I guess it's more realistic now that (there's) a chance that I might not be back (in New England)."

As one of the top players at his position in free agency, he will command top $. With the Patriots needing to work out what they want to do with Revis, it may make sense for them to move on from McCourty if they can't match his market value. When he hits free agency, I would expect the Jets to be one of the teams calling.

Devin McCourty who started his career at cornerback, was rated as one of the best safeties in the league last year. He only gave up 176 yards and 2 touchdowns all season and every single time I watched the Patriots, I came away extremely impressed with his ability.

I don't think McCourty will get Earl Thomas type money which averaged $10 mill a year, but he won't be a mile off that, probably around a 4 year deal between $8-9 million a year with $16-$18 million guaranteed.

McCourty is a native of Rockland County New York, the Jets have a need for a FS and they have the money to pay him the salary he deserves. I would say this is a match made in heaven. Make it happen.