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Jets Training Camp Site Still Unknown

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Rich Cimini mentioned in his article today that the Jets have still not decided where they will hold training camp in 2015.

The Jets still haven't announced their training camp location. Long Island's SUNY-Farmingdale once seemed like a strong candidate, but it's out of the running. The folks at SUNY-Cortland are keeping their fingers crossed, hoping Ryan's departure doesn't dissuade the team from a return appearance. (Ryan was the driving force behind Camp Cortland.) The Jets also could decide to stay home, Florham Park, New Jersey.

This really comes down to the preference of the coaching staff. As the article mentioned, Rex Ryan was a big proponent of taking his team on the road for training camp to eliminate distractions and help the team bond. In the NFL, teams are trending more and more to staying at home in training camp. Multimillion dollar training facilities such as the one the Jets have in Florham Park have become the norm.  These days there is a big difference in quality between college facilities and top notch NFL practice areas.