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The New York Post vs. Antonio Cromartie

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Lately, it seems the New York Post has taken an interest in Antonio Cromartie. Less than one week ago, Susan Edelman wrote a one-sided slam piece on Cromartie's legal issues with the mother to one of his children. Edelman apparently did not reach out to Cromartie, despite filling her article with quotes from the contrary point of view. Obviously, the Post isn't exactly a bastion of journalistic integrity, so Terricka Cromartie, wife of Antonio, had a few things to say in response:

After reading this perspective, Edelman's side looks horribly one-sided, but I won't pretend to know the true story, so I'll leave both sides of the story for you to judge. Obviously, Cromartie has had his demons in the past, and seems to have met them head on. He's gotten his finances in order, and seems to have his life under control. But again, the Post seems intent on slandering Cromartie, for whatever reason.

Today, Phil Mushnick came out with an article entitled "Congrats, Jets fans! Your PSL money goes to this ‘baby papa.'" This isn't a journalistic piece, and there doesn't appear to be a point to the article other than a continual reminder of how many children Cromartie has through mildly racist undertones, in what isn't Mushnick's first brush with offensive statements. My favorite part is when Mushnick calls Jets fans "unconditional imbeciles." One reader from reddit reached out to Mushnick to explain how upset he was at the extremely unprofessional article, that it was racist, and asked if Mushnick knew Cromartie on a personal level. Here's the response he got back:


Excellent spelling, chief. Very professional. The only question I have is if the Post is filled with Jets fans, because in their battle against Cromartie, they've seemingly enlisted every available unconditional imbecile with a thesaurus.