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Would You Like to See the Extra Point Change?

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

For years we have heard about rumors the NFL is going to make changes to the extra point. There are rumblingssomething is close to happening.

A couple coaches said they favor just lining up on the 2 and going for the two-point play," he said. "Or move the ball to the 1½ for two points, or kick from the 15 for one, your choice."

Currently, the line of scrimmage for both an extra point and two-point conversion try is the 2-yard line.

I don't understand this need to make the extra point into some kind of exciting play. I see these things as gimmicks. It is one thing to have the two point conversion as part of the game for teams to use in limited situations. It is another to make the two point play a regular thing, and put an inordinate amount of influence on a handful of two point conversions. If going for two becomes a regular thing, games will hinge on those plays.

I don't see any need for the extra point. I say just give the team the option to either tack on an automatic point after scoring a touchdown or going for two the same way they do now. What say you?