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New York Jets Have Just Under $12 Million in Cap Space

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

The latest report from the National Football League Players' Association has the amount of salary cap space held by the New York Jets at $11,901,443. According to, the team will have to use a projected $6,046,013 to pay for their draft class. That leaves $5,855,430 in remaining space. Obviously, some of this money will need to be kept for any in-season signings, and the remainder will be carried over to next year.

In order, the notable salary cap hits resulting from the team's transactions are as follows:

Name Cap Hit
Darrelle Revis $16,000,000
Brandon Marshall $7,700,000
David Harris $7,500,000
Antonio Cromartie $7,000,000
Ryan Fitzpatrick $3,250,000
Marcus Gilchrist $3,125,000
Buster Skrine $2,750,000

What do you think? Are you satisfied with how the team spent its money in free agency this year?