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New York Jets File Tampering Charges Against New England Patriots

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, Robert Kraft had some words to say about Darrelle Revis.

This technically constitutes tampering. Teams cannot comment on a player under contract by another team. Of course, it's completely harmless and doesn't actually do anything, but considering the New England Patriots recently filed tampering charges against Woody Johnson for commenting about, guess who, Darrelle Revis, while they had his rights, this is fair game.

It's basically a big "screw you" to the Patriots. Johnson reached out to Kraft after his comments and apologized, and they still filed the charges. Some Patriots fans (ridiculously) think they deserved a first rounder, even though it's unlikely they'd get anything more than a late rounder. If you're going to accuse one team of doing something illegal, don't do the same thing a few weeks later. I'm all for poking the Patriots with a stick, just to piss them off.

Bravo, Woody.