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Jets Get No Compensatory Picks

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

A grand total of 32 compensatory picks were handed out yesterday by the NFL. The Jets did not receive any.

This does not come as a surprise. The picks are based on free agency from a year ago. There is a secretive formula the NFL uses, but it comes down to this. Teams that lost more than they gained in free agency get picks. The teams that lose the most gain the most compensatory picks in both quality and quantity.

There were some pretty clear failings in free agency a year ago. Given the amount of money they had to spend, and how few quality players they had hitting the market, it was almost inevitable the Jets would not be adding any compensatory picks to their allotment of selections.

Some teams like Baltimore factor compensatory picks into their free agency strategy. Lest you thought John Idzik's approach to free agency was similar, you now can see that is not the case.