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New York Jets Wanted Josh McCown Before He Signed With The Browns

The Jets apparently met with Josh McCowns agents at the combine and apparently an offer was extended.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

When I heard we were meeting Josh McCown, I was underwhelmed to say the least. A 1-10 mark in 2014, 11 touchdowns to 14 interceptions, if it wasn't for his excellent 2013 with the Chicago Bears, his career statistics would be pretty horrible.

However, the Jets were interested, very interested as it happens. Josh signed a 3 year deal with the Browns worth $14 million with $6 million in incentives,  the deal could be worth up to $20 million over three years, which includes $6 million in guarantees.

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Josh accepted the offer from the Browns over contracts from the Bills, Jets and Bears. It's unknown how much the Jets offered to McCown, but I doubt it was as good as the offer extended by the Browns. $6 million guaranteed for a 35 year old QB coming off a terrible season, there aren't many options, but there are better options than that, with at least a little upside.

8 days until free agency, the countdown begins.