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OT Corey Hilliard Visting With Jets Today

The Jets are looking to add some depth to the offensive line

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

Corey Hilliard, a former 6th round draft pick of the New England Patriots is visiting with the Jets today.

Although he's been in the league since 2007, he's failed to make much of an impression due to questionable talent and an inability to stay healthy. He's played in 44 games from a possible 128 and started just 10. Obviously he didn't miss all those games through injury, he's been a career back-up, playing on practise squads before landing a permanent home with the Lions.

He has been with the Lions for 6 years, so there must be a reason they kept him for so long. Last year he played just 63 snaps and the year before he played in 459. Hilliard isn't a bad pass blocker, but he doesn't offer a great deal in the run game.

As a swing tackle, you could do a lot worse and you would imagine he'd be brought in on the vet minimum. The Jets roster is extremely light on the offensive tackle front, so it really wouldn't be surprising to see us bring him or someone similar in