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Jets Worked Out Josh Freeman Last Week

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets gave former Buccaneers, Vikings, and (briefly) Giants quarterback Josh Freeman a workout last week.

There is no harm in working a player out, but I think the Jets made the right decision going in another direction. Freeman was a 2009 first round pick who did not pan out. He had one good season, and that was five years ago. Outside of that one season, he has been a 56% passer with more interceptions than touchdowns. In the last two seasons, three teams have dropped him. He couldn't even land on an NFL roster during the 2014 season.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is better. If the Jets want a reclamation project who was a formerly high Draft pick, Geno Smith is younger and has a better chance of turning things around. There wouldn't be any room for Freeman, even in the Jets' quarterback needy situation.