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SB Nation Mocks Mariota To The Jets

SB Nation's Dan Kadar has his latest Mock out and he has the Jets taking a certain QB.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Last week I witnessed the overreaction to Marcus Mariota's pro-day, it wasn't all that clean, as a result he's going to flop. Scripted pro days are no more an indication of pro potential than the combine. I still have my concerns with Mariota, but the criticism he receives surprises me.

I was looking over our SB Nation post free agency mock and thought I'd share it here today.

The talk about Ryan Fitzpatrick starting over Geno Smith should tell you everything you need to know about the Jets and quarterbacks. Mariota is a superior talent than both players in just about every area. While the offense will have to be catered to what Mariota does well, having a new head coach in New York is the perfect time to do it. If the pick of Mariota is a hit, it will change the franchise.

If the Jets believe in Mariota, they should 100% take him. We have a lot of good pieces in place now and if we could secure a good quarterback, we have a whole lot of potential with this current roster.

The new regime has no loyalty to Geno and Fitzpatrick is veteran competition. I'm not saying we absolutely have to take Mariota, but if you pass on him, you better be sure he's not going to cut it in the NFL. If you're taking him, you better be sure to have a developmental plan in place for his progression.

Our draft is going to come down to three positions in my opinion. OLB, QB and WR. Wide receiver is no longer a massive priority but if Amari Cooper or Kevin White are there, it's hard to pass up. We need a QB, but we can't afford to make another mistake with a top 10 pick at the position (Sanchez) and you need to be sure you're getting an elite talent if you go OLB.