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Jets 2015 Draft Picks

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

There have been some changes in the past few weeks to the Jets' inventory of Draft picks in 2015 so let's take a look at what the team currently owns.

1st round; 6th pick; 6th overall

2nd round; 5th pick; 37th overall

3rd round; 6th pick; 70th overall

4th round; 5th pick; 101st overall

7th round; 6th pick; 198th overall

7th round; 7th pick; 199th overall


This is subject to change based on other moves the Jets make. Compensatory picks have not been awarded yet so once they are, the overall location of the late round picks will get lower. The Jets also might be docked a pick or picks pending the outcome of the Woody Johnson/Darrelle Revis tampering investigation.

In case you were wondering, the fifth round pick is going to Chicago as part of the Brandon Marshall trade.

The sixth round pick is going to Seattle to complete the Percy Harvin trade. In theory, if the Jets and Bills were to work out a trade before the Draft that brought Harvin back to New York or  if Harvin was cut, and the Jets re-signed him, Gang Green's fourth round pick would go to Seattle instead. Those scenarios are extremely unlikely. For our purposes here, we will assume the sixth round pick goes to Seattle.

The second seventh round pick is from Chicago as part of the Marshall trade.