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Revis Working On Antonio Cromartie Reunion

The Jets and Antonio Cromartie are still in negotiations in relation to a deal to bring the former Arizona Cardinal back to the East coast.

Alan Maglaque-USA TODAY Sports

All of a sudden, it's a little quiet on the Antonio Cromartie front with the Jets. As far as we're aware, negotiations are still ongoing between Antonio's representatives and the New York Jets.

If you believe the reports, the Jets are still the favorites to sign Cromartie but the sticking point may be the length of the deal. If Cromartie needs a little nudge to make his decision, Revis is about to give him one:

Revis and Cromartie played together from 2010 to 2012 and made up one of the finest cornerback pairings in the league in 2010 on route to the AFC Championship game.

I'm going to get in contact with him very soon and try to convince him to come back and join our Batman and Robin tandem that we had a couple of years ago," Revis said.

Some will question whether Cromartie wants to play the Robin to Revis's batman but he did just that last year with Patrick Peterson, and he was a pro bowler as a result. I still think this deal gets done, it's just taking a little longer than expected.

My prediction? Cromartie and Gilchrist will be Jets by the end of the day.