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Darrelle Revis: "It was a no-brainer to come home"

It was made official yesterday as Revis signed his new contract with the New York Jets, afterwards, he spoke to the media.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

As you would expect, the media were trying to bait Revis into disclosing details of the New England Patriots offer, he refused to say anything on the matter and chose to speak about why he returned to the Jets instead:

"I think the biggest decision for me was to just come back home. I have a lot of history with the Jets' organization and I just felt like it was, you know, a no-brainer to come home, be back home and make a marriage."

We gave Revis what he always wanted, a contract that has long term stability and rewards him for being the best defensive back in the league. He will instantly upgrade an area of need for the Jets, while allowing Todd Bowles to get creative with his defensive pressure schemes

"They drafted me and I have a lot of history here," said Revis, whose time in New York was tainted by two contract holdouts. "I love being around the people I met in the organization. I just have a lot of ties here. This is where my heart is."

I know fans think Revis is all about the money, and I have to admit that when he left, I said the same things. However after listening to him talk, I truly believe that had the Patriots offered him the exact same deal as the Jets, he still would have chosen to come home. It is a business and he should maximize his potential earnings, we all would, but now he has the best of both worlds.

"I told (Tannenbaum) I'd do everything in my power to try to bring a championship to this organization, and I still feel that way," he said. "That's something I want to be part of. The thing I want to bring to the organization is winning. That was one of the big reasons to come back home. I still have that mindset."