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Report: New York Jets Will Trade For Houston Texans Ryan Fitzpatrick

We talked about it earlier, but now it seems official.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

When Schefter has a league source saying something, it's nearly always right.

We better get used to Ryan Fitzpatrick as the Jets QB

Ryan Fitzpatrick is due to make $3.25 million this season and will compete with Geno Smith for the starting quarterback position. He has a familiarity with Chan Gailey and his offense and he will have every chance to be a success with the likes of Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker as his receivers.

This in my opinion is a positive move for the Jets. Fitzpatrick isn't a franchise guy, but he throws more touchdowns than he does interceptions and can move the ball through the air. We traded for him to ensure we got him at a good price and it;s only a one year deal in essence.