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Jets/Texans Talked About Ryan Fitzpatrick Trade

Ryan Fitzpatrick may not be the second coming of Kurt Warner but he will compete with Geno.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

This discussion just won't go away, and it seems as though the Jets are very interested in bringing in Ryan Fitzpatrick as veteran competition for Geno Smith.

Brian Hoyer to the Texans may not be signed, sealed and delivered, but it will be, and soon. When that happens, it's a widely help belief that the Houston Texans will trade Fitzpatrick, with the Jets being the most likely landing spot.

I wouldn't want it to be any more than a 6th round selection and ideally it would be a 7th, mainly because if the Texans can't trade him, it's very likely they will release him. Obviously trading for him will guarantee we get him, so many well be worth giving the Texans something. Would you want to see Ryan Fitzpatrick as a Jet?

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