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Revis Return Approval Rating

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Do you approve of the Jets bringing back Darrelle Revis for a second stint? I know I am. At the risk of being overly obvious, here are my basic reasons.

Reason 1: The Jets were 4-12 last year. They sorely needed an infusion of impact talent on both sides of the ball. Revis along with Brandon Marshall are a very nice start.

Reason 2: The Jets had as big of a need as any team in football at the cornerback position. Revis is the best cornerback in the NFL. It was a natural fit. He also excels playing the press coverage Todd Bowles favors.

Reason 3: This is another step on the way to building a top tier defense. They just brought in an All Pro cornerback to pair with a pair of young elite defensive linemen. It was already a top run defense. The Jets now might be an explosive edge rusher and a piece or two here from having the kind of defense that can carry the team. Those things are also going to be available in free agency and the Draft.

Reason 4: Say what you will about the way Revis goes about getting his contracts. He by all accounts is a great locker room presence. His preparation is legendary. Having him around some of the young players in the Jets secondary cannot hurt. It guarantees nothing just as his training with Kyle Wilson didn't help Wilson live up to his first round status, but it certainly could help some of these guys.

Reason 5: The Jets have to go through New England to win the division. This move doesn't just make the Jets stronger. It makes the Patriots weaker. The Jets just took away the most important player on New England's defense. If you made a list of the players most important to New England's championship team this year, Tom Brady would be number one. Number two would either be Revis or Rob Gronkowski, and the other would be number three.

Reason 6: This isn't really going to impact the team on the field, but there's the emotional side of this. Revis was our homegrown Hall of Fame talent. He was the best Jets player in a long time. It stunk letting him go. It was painful watching him help the Patriots win a championship. Now he's back where he belongs, and he'll go into the Hall of Fame as a Jet.