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Jets Trade For Brandon Marshall Made Official

We've known about this trade for a while now, but today the Jets made it official.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

With all the free agency talk going on, it's easy to forget that the Jets have already made a significant move by trading for Brandon Marshall. We spoke about the trade last week, but now we have a few more details.

The Jets traded their 5th round selection in the 2015 NFL draft for Brandon Marshall and the Chicago Bears 7th round selection. In my personal opinion that is an incredible bit of business and well worth the risk.

There isn't a great deal to say about the trade, so I'll leave you with some Brandon Marshall quotes that he provided to Eric Allen this morning:

"I kind of knew about it before it all happened," Marshall told Eric Allen on a phone call this morning. "It was pretty cool to be able to sit back and figure out who really wanted me and the right place for me. Being able to be in New York with Coach Bowles, I thought, was an amazing opportunity and one that I thought I couldn't pass up."

"I think it will be a great transition," Marshall said of working with those two coaches again. "Coach Bowles allows guys to be themselves. He treats everyone like men and like pros. That's what it's about right there. That's what I've seen work, is when guys feel comfortable coming to work and they're not micromanaged and there's someone there they can believe in, they can trust. He's an amazing leader."

That's quite the compliment to our new head coach there and it really sounds as though Marshall is genuinely excited to be here. When asked what he'll bring to the Jets, Marshall stated

At this point in my career, I've still got 10 more years left in me," he said with a laugh. "It's the same same thing from day one. I'm just trying to get better at everything possible. I can still do everything, and I'm excited to do that. There's going to be more on my plate. Paired up with Decker and Kerley, I'm looking forward to working with those guys, and working in this offense with what [coordinator] Chan Gailey is asking us to do, it's going to give us more opportunities to make plays.
"Chicago was a little different," Marshall said, "but it was a great offense and great people, and I'm looking forward to creating that same bond with the guys here on offense."