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Report: New York Jets Will Release Percy Harvin Today

According to several reports, the New York Jets will release Percy Harvin today.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

This will come as a shock to absolutely nobody, but the Jets will release Percy Harvin today according to reports. Percy was scheduled to make $10.5 million next season and the Jets will not incur any cap charge by releasing him.

Harvin came over in a trade from the Seattle Seahawks last year, a desperation move by John Idzik to save his job. Ultimately the move failed and the Jets will send a 6th round draft pick to the Seahawks for the luxury of having Percy for half a season.

Percy had 29 receptions for the Jets in 8 games, totalling 350 yards and the single touchdown. Even before the Jets traded for Brandon Marshall, it was very unlikely we would keep him at his current cap hit.

I don't fully understand why the Jets elected to release him today instead of closer to the March 19th deadline they had. They have more than enough cap space to make a play for someone like Revis and keep Harvin for now. Maybe they wanted to give him the best chance to find a new team?

It's not been made official, but the chances are Percy gets released today. It would have been nice to have Decker, Marshall, Harvin and Kerley in the Gailey offense, and maybe we get him back at a lower cost, I doubt it, but it could happen.