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What Would It Cost to Trade Back with the Philadelphia Eagles?

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

There has been a lot of speculation about the New York Jets (pick #6 overall) trading back with either the Cleveland Browns (#12 and #19 overall) or the Philadelphia Eagles (#20 overall). With a roster full of holes, it would be surprising if the team isn't looking to trade back and garner more picks. Let's put aside the Browns for a moment and discuss the Eagles. Assuming Marcus Mariota actually falls to the sixth overall pick, who Chip Kelly is apparently in love with, what would it take to make such a trade?

The most recent example of a trade to the top of the draft for a quarterback was the Washington Redskins trading for Robert Griffin III. The Redskins swapped 2012 first rounders (going from #6 to #2) with the St. Louis Rams, gave up their 2012 second round pick, their 2013 first round pick, and their 2014 first round pick. That's two additional first rounders and a second rounder to move up four spots for one of the most coveted quarterbacks in a decade.

Right off the bat, I'm not sure how likely it is the Jets can get a trade quite that awesome. First of all, even if the Eagles have targeted Mariota, he isn't as "sure fire" as Griffin was considered back in 2012. If he was, he wouldn't make it to the sixth overall pick, if he does in fact actually make it that far. The #6 pick, while high, is not nearly as high as the #2 pick. On the other hand, the Eagles would be looking to trade up fourteen spots (in contrast to the four that Washington moved up) and unlike the Rams, it would not be difficult to convince anyone the Jets would be willing to draft Mariota, thereby increasing the pick's value.

According to the draft value chart, the Eagles could offer first round picks for the next two years, in addition to swapping picks. Some have suggested perhaps also asking for Nick Foles, since they will get their franchise quarterback in Mariota. Others have suggested another pick, say a second rounder, like the Redskins, instead of Foles.

It is, of course, impossible to actually predict what another team will offer. However, would you be willing to deal with the Eagles? If so, what would be the minimum you would be willing to accept?