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McShay Mocks Mariota To New York Jets

We're officially into mocking season now and ESPN "expert" Todd McShay has a QB landing with the Jets at #6

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of people don't like Mocks and I can appreciate why. It's basically guess work based on best guess projections and needs. However we're in February, the time where the Super Bowl is finished and free agency is still a month away, so talking about trivial mock drafts are worth our time.

First of all I want to give you the players that are unavailable in this mock due to already being selected:

1) Jameis Winston

2) Leonard Williams

3) Randy Gregory

4) Amari Cooper

5) Shane Ray

As a result, McShay has the Jets taking Oregon QB Marcus Mariota. Personally I have no problem with this, I personally think he's got a lot of talent, regardless of the system he's come from and with our QB situation being so unstable, taking him makes a lot of sense, especially with Amari Cooper off the board, the player I'd probably want over all others.

Here is McShay's explanation:

Analysis: Mariota could slide even further than this on draft day, but I think this pick makes sense for the Jets given their need at QB and the presence of Chan Gailey at offensive coordinator. Gailey can adapt his scheme to any QB and has a history with spread-formation offenses, so he's capable of providing Mariota with a smooth transition to the NFL from his up-tempo spread system at Oregon. Mariota has rare athleticism for the QB position (including prototypical size) and outstanding intangibles, but his one area of concern -- consistently being able to win from the pocket -- is the most important trait you need to succeed at the NFL level. So how a team caters its approach to him and develops him as an accurate passer from the pocket will be critical.

Considering the players who are off the board, who would you have selected for the New York Jets?