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Jeremy Kerley: 2014 and Beyond

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Jeremy Kerley got a shiny new contract extension in 2014. He also had his least productive statistical season since his rookie year. Kerley had only 36 catches for 409 yards and a single touchdown.

It might follow that the trade for Percy Harvin cut into his production since he and Harvin do at least to some degree have overlapping skillsets. This started before the Harvin trade, though. In the four games prior to the trade, Kerley registered just 7 total receptions and did not have 30 receiving yards in any of those games.

Kerley had been more productive in 2012 and 2013. In 2012 he put up 56 catches for 827 yards. In 2013 that fell to 43 and 523, but he only played 12 game. Average out his 2012 production to 16 games, and the numbers approach his 2012 rate.

There was a theory heading into the season that the addition of Eric Decker was going to open things up for Kerley since he wouldn't be the focal point of the passing game. I never agreed with it mainly because it wasn't like opponents in 2012 and 2013 were constructing game plans around stopping Kerley.

Maybe it was the quarterback play, but it was about as bad in 2012 and 2013 also. Maybe it was a lack of chemistry with Geno Smith. Again, Geno was the quarterback in 2013.

In any event, Kerley is going to be part of the formula going forward, and I think he has the skills to be a quality if unspectacular option in the slot. He's quick in a short area. He runs solid routes. He's slippery when he has the ball in his hands. His contract isn't crazy either. Hopefully 2015 can be a bit of a bounceback season for him.