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Who Are Your Top Ten Running Backs in the NFL Draft?

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets need a running back or two. Bilal Powell is a free agent and Chris Johnson seems likely to be cut after his arrest. As many have suggested, it's possible the team will sign either C.J. Spiller or Shane Vereen as a receiving back to compliment our between-the-tackles back in Chris Ivory. That leaves another spot open on the roster, and I would argue the team needs to draft a complete back that can run, catch, and block. There are a lot of really good running backs this year in the 2015 NFL Draft, so here are my top ten. My rankings are still fluid, and they've changed slightly as I re-watch players. I should also note that my rankings are extremely close. The top seven could all be drafted in the first two rounds and I wouldn't complain.

1 Melvin Gordon
2 Todd Gurley
3 T.J. Yeldon
4 Jay Ajayi
5 David Cobb
6 Duke Johnson
7 Tevin Coleman
8 Ameer Abdullah
9 Mike Davis
10 Jeremy Langford

I would probably have Gurley above Gordon if not for his injury. Ajayi and Cobb are huge sleepers in my opinion, and I think the top seven could all be day one starters. What do you think? Do you want to draft a running back? If so, who?