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Report: Jets Have Some Interest In Ryan Mallett

Could the New York Jets add the Houston Texans QB to the competition

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Kristian Dyer of the New York Metro had a fantastic article last night regarding the Jets quarterback situation and the feeling around the organization regarding the way forward. It's a great read and I encourage everyone to head over to the Metro to check it out.

One aspect that really intrigued me was the thought that the Jets have some interesting in bringing Ryan Mallett to New York. Mallett was a former 3rd round draft pick of the New England Patriots, before being traded to the Texans for a late round draft pick. Obviously our new GM was working within the Texans organization at the time of the trade and with his history of personnel scouting, I'd be surprised if Maccagnan wasn't heavily involved in that trade.

In addition, the source said that he believes that general manager Mike Maccagnan, formerly of the Houston Texans, is "intrigued in the idea of Ryan Mallett" being part of the quarterback competition.

"Mallett and the Jets are a natural fit," the source said. "He'd be interesting in a quarterback competition to say the least."

Mallett started his college career in Michigan before transferring to Arkansas. He transferred due to Rich Rodriguez's arrival in Ann Arbour and the instalment of a spread offense. Mallett is a prototypical quarterback, at 6'6 and over 240lb's he is a pocket passer.

At Arkansas he really made strides and in his final season he threw for 32 touchdowns against just 12 interceptions. He was rated by many as a first round draft selection, but fell to the Patriots in the 3rd round. At the time I thought that was an excellent selection.

He obviously had the chance to sit behind Tom Brady until the 2014 season, playing very sparingly. However with the move to the Texans, he finally had a legitimate chance to start. In November of this year, Mallett was promoted to the starter role, unfortunately it didn't last long due to injury.

Completing just over 54% of his passes, Mallett was extremely inconsistent in his starts against the Browns and then the Bengals. During the game against Cincinatti, Mallett would be lost for the season with a torn pectoral.

During his 4 year career, he has attempted just 79 pass attempts, throwing 2 touchdowns to 3 interceptions. I'm a little intrigued by Mallett. One of the main criticisms of Mallett coming out of college was his decision making under pressure. He forces throws into terrible coverage situations and turns the ball over as a result. However he has an elite arm and decent pocket awareness and mobility.

It completely depends on the price, but there is something about Ryan Mallett that still intrigues me as a prospect. If we could nab him for next to nothing, then I'd be interested in seeing him compete in an open competition.