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Potential Jets: Stevie Johnson

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

There's news out from the San Francisco 49ers today that they have released WR Stevie Johnson. Johnson, you may recall, used to play on the Buffalo Bills. In fact, Johnson had three straight 1,000-yard seasons with the Bills, and specifically when Chan Gailey was their head coach. With the seemingly likely release of Percy Harvin, Johnson may make sense as a New York Jet.

Obviously, Johnson has played his best when he was with Gailey. He was also the one guy that gave Darrelle Revis, now with the New England Patriots, a hard time. However, it's been two years since his last 1,000-yard season, and he's hovered around 500 yards per season since. The 49ers are releasing him, however, because they'll save $6 million in cap space in the process. Perhaps a return to Gailey would mean a return to his successful ways.