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Report: Jets Not Likely to Bring Back Kyle Wilson

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

2010 first round pick Kyle Wilson is set to become a free agent. Kimberly Martin says the Jets are unlikely to retain him.

Sources told Newsday on Wednesday that the former first-round pick isn't expected to return to the team in 2015.

While Wilson developed into an adequate slot corner and held up pretty well in 2012 on the outside after Darrelle Revis went down, his Jets career was a pretty substantial disappointment. When the Jets took him in the first round in 2010, the dream was for him to develop into a shutdown corner teaming with Revis to give the other team no room to throw on the outside for a decade. In more than one way that dream proved elusive.

Many fans grew frustrated with Wilson. It  probably was a combination of his failure to live up to his first round status, his tendency to taunt opponents for not catching overthrown balls where his coverage had little to do with an incompletion, and his lack of ball skills. When Wilson did his job well, it was a case of doing subtle things like providing good coverage that made the quarterback go elsewhere, which probably happened more than his biggest critics would admit. That kind of thing doesn't stick out like making plays on the ball, which Wilson did not do well. When you saw teams go after him, the result was generally bad.

Had Wilson been a third day pick, he would look like a success story. As a first rounder, his play was disapponting.