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John Idzik Hired by Jaguars as Consultant

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Former Jets general manager John Idzik has found a new job. According to ESPN's Michael DeRocco, he will be a consultant with the Jaguars.

There is some degree of irony here since there were rumors a while back that the Jets were looking at hiring former Jaguars general manager Gene Smith. Smith had an Idzik-esque tenure running the Jaguars.

There also is some irony in that Idzik only got the Jets general manager job two years ago because the man who will now be his boss, Dave Caldwell, turned down an offer for the Jets.

Idzik worked with current Jaguars head coach and former Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley when both were in Seattle. That connection might have had something to do with this hiring. People hire their friends in the NFL.

Idzik may or may not have skills to help another team in some capacity. None of this will impact the Jets. This news only provides a little more distance and closure from a tenure that did not work out.