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2015 NFL Draft: Who Will Bust?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Every year, some, if not most, players in the first round of the NFL Draft inevitably do not meet expectations. Some are outright busts, and some are just disappointing. The New York Jets have had quite a few of these, and while nobody wants to think it will happen to their team, it's happened to everyone. So my question to you is, who will those players be? Obviously, we have no way of knowing for sure. But who would you guess is going to be a bust or a disappointment? Who should the Jets stay away from with a ten foot pole?

I'm not big on Danny Shelton, the big nose tackle. I think he's maxed out and there's little left for him to develop. Unfortunately, I don't believe what he has will be enough. He could be a solid space-eating tackle, but I don't think he'll prove to be worth the first round pick it will take to get him. I could also see Trae Waynes struggle, as he has sub-optimal ability to change directions, which is vital for a pro cornerback. Lastly, if Devin Funchess is drafted in the first and doesn't become essentially a new player, he'll disappoint for his high draft status. He isn't a good enough blocker to be a TE and doesn't run routes well enough to be a WR.

What do you think? Who should the Jets stay away from?