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La Canfora: Percy Harvin Unlikely to Restructure

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

This perhaps isn't breaking news, but it reinforces what we've been hearing for some time now about the New York Jets.

Percy Harvin has little incentive to restructure his contract. It's not like this team will be winning the Super Bowl anytime soon, and Harvin can go to a team with a great quarterback and playoff chances, have a bounce back year, and get paid the following season. Alternatively, he can take less money for a team that has no quarterback and is likely looking to draft or sign his replacement. It's a business, and I don't blame Harvin at all if he wants to find a better situation and/or more money. As for C.J. Spiller, this continues to affirm what we've heard that the team is seriously interested in him and will pursue him in free agency. What do you think?