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2015 New York Jets Mock Draft: What Are People Saying?

I'm taking a look at the collective voice of the internet in relation to who the Jets will draft come April/May.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

I always say this when I post anything about a mock draft, if you don't like them, then please disregard this article. However I find it interesting to look at what people are saying about the Jets and who they will likely draft this year. Putting together a complete first round mock draft is complicated, you need to know the players, the value and the positions of need for each team.

I've taken the Jets first round selection choice from 50 individual mock drafts. I've scoured the internet from ESPN, Sporting News, CBS, Sports Illustrated to Drafttek, Draft Kings and Draft countdown, and everything in-between to put this data together representing the collective voice of draft experts across the internet.

I've popped it all into tables that are easy to digest:


Of all the positions in the NFL, only four positions were mocked to the Jets.


Wide Receive

Outside Linebacker

Offensive Tackle.

Table 2

Marcus Mariota is by far the most popular selection for the Jets, in fact he was mocked to the jets triple the amount of Amari Cooper who was the next player on the list. I have to say that I would be happy with every single one of those selections. I'm surprised that in over 50 mock drafts, nobody has a corner mocked to us at the moment. I think that says more about the quality of corners in this draft as anything else.

I think we'll see more mocks change our selection to Kevin White over the coming weeks, he really impressed at the combine and it's an obvious position of need for us.

This is all based on opinion, and just because draft analysts have these players landing with the Jets, it doesn't mean it's going to happen. However I thought it was interesting to look at the collective voice of the internet when it comes to the #6 overall selection in the 2015 NFL draft.