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Scouting The Draft: Chris Conley, WR, Georgia

The scouting combine is all but done, so it's time to continue out scouting reports ahead of the draft.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports


I didn't have Conley in my top 10 receivers last week, but his performance at the combine in the 40 made me go back and look again. He dominated the combine and as he's coming from a  run heavy system, you want to ensure you're evaluating him correctly. Conley made an instant impact at Georgia upon signing in 2011, considered a 3 star prospect by rivals, Conley decided to stay in his home state of Georgia.

Conley is a special person who keeps himself busy. To know Chris Conley the football player is to know only half the story. He's also a film director and screenwriter, athletic administrator and coffee house musician, as well as being an honor student. All of that on top of being a starting wide receiver for a major program in the SEC.

Before the combine, people knew who Chris Conley was. People knew he was talented, people knew he'd be drafted around the middle rounds and people knew he would come in and be one of the hardest working guys on the team. However the combine put his name in lights, to label him as just a "combine workout warrior" would be wrong.


Height: 6'2

Weight: 213lb's

Arm Length: 33 3/4"

Hands: 9 7/8"

40 Yard Dash: 4.39

Bench Press: 18 reps

Vertical: 45.0

Broad: 139.0

3 Cone Drill: 7.06

20 Yard Shuttle: 4.30

60 Yard Shuttle: 11.65


Year Receptions Yards Average Long TD's
2014 36 657 18.3 48 8
2013 45 651 14.5 43 4
2012 20 342 17.1 87 6
2011 16 288 18.0 47 2


  • Good overall speed, nice acceleration and has a second gear to run away from defenders.
  • Excellent balance and body control to catch the ball inbounds and in traffic.
  • Above average route runner who knows where to sit down in zone coverage.
  • Always high points the ball, a very dangerous red-zone threat.
  • Does an excellent job of cutting in and out without losing momentum. Doesn't round-off.
  • Shows soft hands to catch the ball away from his body.


  • Doesn't always make use of his speed, can be slow off the line.
  • Is poor against press coverage, doesn't like to play physical.
  • Doesn't always show 100% effort when run blocking.
  • Not a quick-twitch guy in short area bursts.
  • College production was very average but in a run heavy scheme.


Mike Mayock recently said that Conley reminded him of Jordan Matthews, a guy who went on to perform at a high level in his rookie year with the Eagles and I can definitely see that. Although his production wasn't off the charts, he made the most of the opportunities he got with high averages and a decent number of touchdowns. I like his body control and his hands and he timed quicker at the combine that he appears on film, and that's always a concern. Obviously Georgia were a run heavy scheme, however he was an important cog in this offense.

I actually really like Conley as a prospect and he surprised me at the combine, but as a mid-round guy who has the potential to become a very good #2, there is something there. I wouldn't be opposed to the Jets taking a good hard look at him.

Draft Grade: 71

90-100 = Exceptional Talent

80-90 = Impact Player

70-80 = NFL Starter

60-70 = Solid NFL Potential

50-60 = Draftable - Lot of work needed

>50 = Undraftable - Long Shot To Stick