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Chris Pantale: 2014 and Beyond

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Pantale just finished his second season with the Jets organization. Like his first year, he spent the bulk of it on the practice squad followed by a late season call up to the active roster.

Pantale got himself 2 offensive snaps against the Vikings, a game Jace Amaro missed due to injury. That was his season for the Jets along with some special teams work.

I think it is difficult to have a strong opinion on the undrafted product from Boston College. Are you going to be passionate about whether Pantale comes to training camp in 2015? Probably not.

I probably would lean against bringing Pantale back. The Jets haven't been particularly strong at the position the past two seasons, yet Pantale has not gotten much of a look. Even Zach Sudfeld got more consideration. There are probably reasons for this. Pantale isn't very fast or athletic. He was a decent blocker in college so maybe he could find a niche there in the NFL, but he might be a sixth tackle type of tight end. Even with the limited upside of many bottom camp invites I feel like the Jets might be able to find somebody with more.