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The Morning After A Patriots Championship

Get out of bed, have some coffee, and begin the healing process.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

As the sobering light of morning shines through windows everywhere and New York Jets fans begin to stir, the cold realization of what happened Sunday night cannot be ignored... The New England Patriots are Super Bowl Champions. You weren't dreaming. No amount of alcohol can erase it. The 'Evil Empire' is back on top, and we as Jets fans have to deal with it.

For Jets fans, a Patriots title is pretty much as bad as things can get. I know many of us are downtrodden this Monday morning—others may just be numb at this point—but it does indeed get better.

Personally, I always feared experiencing a New England championship. Their last came in 2004, when I was a 13-year-old kid who didn't even care about sports at the time, so for me, I've never dealt with this, and I was hoping that I'd never have to, either.

Over the years as the Patriots continued to make deep run after deep run in the postseason, I could never imagine how I'd deal with them winning a championship. After experiencing that first hand, I can say, first and foremost, that yeah, it sucks. As I watched this game in my New York apartment with a small group of friends, one of whom rooting for the team in red, white and blue, the epic swing of emotions between the incredible, juggling catch by Jermaine Kearse and the unfathomable decision by the Seattle Seahawks to throw the ball, which was promptly intercepted by Malcolm Butler in the end zone, was fully on display.

When Butler picked that ball off, I fell to the ground in a 'Platoon' like pantomime. The game was over. The Patriots won. But here's the thing—it gets better.

After the initial sting, I shook the hand of my Patriots fan friend and began the process of moving on. This morning it continues to be easier. Yes, the New England Patriots are champions. Yes, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have their fourth ring. And yes, Darrelle Revis has one, too. Is it ideal? No, but it happened. It's over. We have to deal with it, because what other choice do we have?

We're Jets fans. If there's anyone who knows how to deal with heartbreak, it's us.

So congratulations to the Patriots and their actual fans, and to my fellow Jets fans, get up, take a shower, have whatever caffeinated beverage you prefer and start your day. We'll be all right.