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Super Bowl 50 Odds: Jets Are 100-1

We're already looking ahead to next year and the Jets are big outsiders.

William Perlman/NJ Advance Media-USA TODAY Sports

Super Bowl 49 was a great game, which ended on one of the worst play-calls I've ever seen. I don't like that the Patriots won but with play-calling like that, the Seahawks deserved to lose. Nobody wants to dwell on Super Bowl 49, and as far as I'm concerned everyone is now 0-0, on equal footing in the quest to reach Super Bowl 50.

The Westgate Las Vegas superbook has released its odds for Super Bowl 50, which is to be hosted at Levi Stadium in California, home of the San Francisco 49'ers. As expected the Jets have been placed at long odds to win the Super Bowl. Here are the odds in full:

Seahawks: 5-1

Patriots: 6-1

Packers: 7-1

Broncos: 8-1

Cowboys: 12-1

Eagles: 16-1

Colts: 16-1

Lions: 25-1

Saints: 25-1

Rams: 25-1

49ers: 25-1

Cardinals: 25-1

Steelers: 25-1

Ravens: 25-1

Bengals: 25-1

Texans: 30-1

Chargers: 30-1

Chiefs: 30-1

Giants: 30-1

Panthers: 30-1

Falcons: 30-1

Dolphins: 30-1

Bears: 50-1

Vikings: 50-1

Bills: 50-1

Browns: 50-1

Washington: 100-1

Jets: 100-1

Buccaneers: 200-1

Titans: 300-1

Jaguars: 300-1

Raiders: 300-1

A rematch of Super Bowl 49 is the tipped match-up and that's hard to argue with. The Patriots looked good this year and Seattle has a young core capable of continuing to dominate the NFC for years to come. Only the Bucs, Titans, Jaguars and Raiders have longer odds than the Jets but this is all very meaningless at this stage.

I think we all appreciate that we're big outsiders at the moment. However if we can have a strong free agent class, a positive draft and see some improvements from our young core of players, anything can happen in this league. If you're willing to spend, you can go from down and out to contender in the space of a year.

Pop your thoughts in the comments, and if nothing else, this article moves the big picture of the Patriots celebration to the side for a while.