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Jets Unsure When Dee Milliner Will Be Ready

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Todd Bowles said today he isn't sure when Dee Milliner will be ready to return from his torn Achilles.

I think the Jets need to add two starting corners. I say that based on performance. Milliner hasn't shown that he's capable of holding down a starting job. It's possible he returns and plays well, but that seems based more on hope than on the evidence we have of his play.

When adding his uncertain health status to the calculus, adding two corners almost becomes imperative. Let's say the Jets add two quality starters, and that Milliner also comes back and plays great. Why can't there be healthy competition? Why wouldn't Milliner be able to get into the lineup if he earns it? Would having three capable starting corners not be a really good thing in this day of pass happy spread offenses?