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Chris Johnson - Jets Pitched A Different Scenario

Chris Johnson was on the Rich Eisen show following his release from the Jets and he had a few things to say about the situation.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Johnson was always on a one year trial, that's the way the contract was constructed. If he did well, the Jets had the option to bring him back at a reasonable cap figure. If he performed badly, the Jets could cut him without suffering a massive cap hit.

Chris Johnson received 155 carries last season, down 124 carries on the 2013 NFL season and considerably less than his carer average. He believes he didn't get the opportunity, and has recently suggested that what the Jets promised and what they delivered, were two very different things:

"If you just look at last year, you look at the numbers, I didn't get many opportunities. I think I went to the situation where I was told one thing and it was another and it just didn't gel or work out"

'Basically it was a situation where I was going, I was going there to be the guy or whatever and you know...I'd get playing time. I think last year, that organization, I think a lot of the stuff was out of Rex's hands'

Bringing Johnson in was a calculated risk that didn't pay off. We don't know what was said between John Idzik, Rex Ryan and Chris Johnson. Maybe he was promised more playing time, maybe not. The fact remains, Johnson still had 155 carries to show something and he showed very little. I always felt as though the Jets would need to open up a big hole for Johnson to run through.

As many people have said here and on other sites, running backs are a dime a dozen these days. Most are playing by committee, and you can find a speedster around the league and in the draft. I hope Johnson finds another team, but I doubt we'll be regretting cutting him anytime soon.