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New York Jets Flight Connections 2-14-15

Daily links connecting you to articles about the New York Jets and the NFL.

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Mr. Perfect.
Mr. Perfect.
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, Gang Green Gangsters! Happy Billy Ray Valentine's Day! Here are your daily New York Jets links...

Kristian Dyer: RB Chris Johnson and QB Michael Vick are leaving the Jets.

Randy Lange: Cornerbacks, safeties, the Jets, the combine and beyond.

Chris Nimbley: The Jets will have plenty of options to choose from for wide receiver.

Rich Cimini: Offseason preview of the defensive line. Pepper Johnson and the 'sons of anarchy.

Jenny Vrentas: Joe Namath says that no one has played the game better than New England Patriots QB Tom Brady. Well, that sucked the air out of the room for me.

PFF: Tackling efficiency by team. I guess you would have to tackle if you can't bat the ball away. Charlie Weis says that he is likely done with coaching. We could have been a contender, Charlie. We could have been somebody.

ESPN: Buffalo Bills HC Rex Ryan says that he is the biggest anti-bully guy there is.

AP: Bills OL Richie Incognito's return figures to draw cheers, too.

ESPN: QB Peyton Manning told the Denver Broncos that he is ready to play in 2015.

Brady Quinn: The fuss over Oregon QB Marcus Mariota and Kevin O'Connell is silly. It may be silly to you, a former player - of the Cleveland Browns, no less - but not to the coaches and staff of the 31 other teams.

Jason Fitzgerald: Get these pass rushers while they're hot.

Stephen White: Detroit Lions DT Ndamukong Suh should stay put.

AP: Lions DT Nick Fairley has been found not guilty of drunk driving. Was he un-Fairley charged with DUI?

AP: HC Jeff Fisher says that the St. Louis Rams need tweaks and not overhauls.

AP: The NFL is requesting that information from Carolina Panthers DE Greg Hardy's trial to be released.

AP: The Patriots knew on the day of the killing that a cop wanted to talk to Aaron Hernandez.

AP: Ray Rice posted a statement apologizing to Baltimore Ravens fans.

Deadspin: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was paid $35 million in 2013.

Our friend Eric Allen writes about the thin green line.

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Here is a love song from Metallica:

Today we celebrate the great veteran Billy Ray Valentine, and how he miraculously was able to walk and see again:

Happy Billy Ray Valentine's Day!