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T.J. Graham: 2014 and Beyond

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

T.J. Graham was a third round pick of the Bills in 2012, but he didn't stick in Buffalo very long. The Bills cut him at the end of preseason in 2014. Then the Titans picked him up and quickly let him go. Then the Jets picked him up.

Graham only had 54 catches in his two seasons with Buffalo. He didn't see the same degree of playing time with the Jets, but he did run 87 routes. He had 3 catches for 87 yards. Those are very bad ratios. His one shining moment came on a 67 yard touchdown against the Steelers on a pass by Michael Vick, and that was really more about design and Pittsburgh's mistakes than anything Graham did.

He was also part of the revolving door the Jets had returning kickoffs, but his only was only 23 and his average a very poor 18.8 on 7 returns. He also will live in infamy as the guy who was lying on the field during the disastrous trick play kick return against Buffalo.

I'm not sure I see a ton of potential in Graham. He doesn't do much to stick out. He isn't that fast in a football sense. He doesn't run very good routes. He isn't that big or effectively physical. I probably wouldn't bring him to camp in 2015. Would you?