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Saalim Hakim: 2014 and Beyond

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Saalim Hakim is very fast. He reportedly has been clocked in the 4.2 range in the 40 yard dash. The Jets gave him a shot to put that speed to use in 2014.

Hakim began the year as the primary kickoff return man for the Jets. He broke a 44 yard return on the kickoff to start the season. Rarely again did he do much of note in a good way. Hakim averaged just 21.5 yards on returns including that big 44 yarder. After Week 5, he had returned his last kick.

Hakim wasn't given much of a chance to contribute on offense, 12 total snaps. Given his speed and the struggles on that side of the ball, one might question why the Jets didn't incorporate him more on screens and outside runs. I would guess it is because of how little he showed as a return man. It's nice to have speed, but a ball carrier also needs to be able to read blocks, change speeds, and make people miss.

Interestingly, the Jets also gave him 3 snaps in the defensive backfield. On one of them, he ran down Sammy Watkins and made a touchdown-saving tackle.

In any event, the Jets did give him a chance, and he didn't do a whole lot. He just turned 25, which is around the age a player generally has either shown some sign he will stick or else it probably isn't going to happen. I could see giving him one last camp shot based on his speed, but I'm inclined to think the Jets should go elsewhere.