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2015 NFL Draft: Avoid Highlight Videos When Breaking Down Prospects

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

I'd like to give you a tip as you do research on NFL Draft prospects. Avoid highlight videos when doing your study.

Why? Highlight videos do not offer a real representation of a player's ability. These videos are a compilation of a player's best moments. You can make anybody look good if you put together a video of his well-executed players.

For example...

The reason I tell you this is we have advanced to the point where you can watch videos of one player's performance over the course of an entire game. These are what you should use to evaluate prospects. Anybody considered a prospect to be drafted will have plays where he looks good. That isn't the question. What we need to determine is how frequently the player looks good. How frequently does he look bad? What skills does he use on a regular basis to have success? What skills does he lack that opponents exploit? How do these skills typically translate to the NFL? These are the types of things highlight videos cannot show us. Videos of entire games do.

This is just something to keep in mind as we get into Draft season.