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Mike Glennon: It May Take A 3rd Round Draft Pick

There was an interesting article on last night regarding Mike Glennon and his value.

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We've talked about the poor crop of quarterbacks in this years free agency class, there is nobody who can come in and guarantee victories. It's very uncommon for good quarterbacks to hit free agency, they are just too valuable to their current team.

Mike Glennon's name has popped up in several conversations in relation to possible trades. According to Scott Reynolds on the Pewter Report, it will likely take a 3rd round draft pick to pry him away from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, or at the very least, a 4th round selection.

Glennon lost his starting job in Tampa this year to Josh McCown, a player who's been in the league since 2002 but never quite made the grade. Josh threw 11 touchdowns to 14 interceptions but still held his spot when the season was lost. Doesn't that tell you everything you need to know about the Bucs and their view on Glennon's long term potential? The season is lost, you have a 35 year old starter and you have a 25 year old back-up.

McCown started the season and was ineffective. After suffering an injury Glennon saw considerable playing time, throwing 10 touchdowns to 6 interceptions. Remember this is a year after throwing 19 touchdowns to 9 interceptions his rookie season. However he couldn't put the Bucs on his back and after only winning 1 of his 5 starts, Lovie Smith decided to go back to McCown for the rest of the season, a decision I really don't understand.

During the 2014 NFL draft, it is believed that 6 teams offered to trade with Tampa for Glennon, all of which they turned away. Completely understandable considering the season he had in 2013. It's now believed that Tampa will target either Winston or Mariota in the draft, making Glennon expendable. I imagine there will be a few teams knocking on their door for a trade, my question is, should the New York Jets be one of them?

Glennon has a good arm and above average pocket awareness, he doesn't make a ton of mistakes and when he's on, he can spot the ball and lead his receivers to make the most of YAC opportunities. However he can be wildly inconsistent, he completed under 60% of his passes in 2013 and 2014, his accuracy is a problem, he doesn't have the ability to extend plays with his legs. He isn't perfect, but he's certainly got talent.

In 2014 he was learning a new play-book, his second one in two years. He was also behind a horrible offensive line, a line that was rated as one of the poorest units in terms of pass blocking. If we can strengthen the line, then I wouldn't be opposed to trading a 4th round pick for a player who's already had success in this league at the QB position.