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Super Bowl XLIX Open Thread

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

2014 was a nightmare of an NFL season for the New York Jets. Tonight the NFL officially closes the book on that season.

The Super Bowl this year pits a team that has won before against a group that hasn't. It's easy to think of this as two champions going to battle, but it really isn't. The Seahawks are the defending champions. While the Patriots won three championships since 2001, only Tom Brady and Vince Wilfork are left from their last title squad, a full decade ago.

Will Brady and Bill Belichick get their fourth rings together? Will Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson, and Richard Sherman get their second? Will Darrelle Revis get his first? We will find out tonight.

I am picking the Seahawks to win their second straight championship tonight.

Who do you have? Discuss your predictions and the game below in the comments section. This is your Super Bowl open thread.