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The New York Jets Run Stuffers Are Really Good

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I need everyone to stop what they're doing right now, and knock on wood. Here's why:

In fact, the New York Jets are currently the best in the league against the run, allowing an average of just 83.5 yards per game. This week, they face a middle-of-the-road team at running the ball, as the Tennessee Titans are 18th with an average of 102.9 per week. While the Titans, with a record of 3-9, aren't a particularly fearsome rushing team, they do have Marcus Mariota, who has run for 249 yards at 8.0 yards per clip. He has as many rushing touchdowns as the Jets have allowed, with two. He will certainly be someone to keep an eye on, but (knock on wood), it looks like the Jets should be able to contain him.